A Day in the Life

Here’s What to Expect as a Nail Franchise Partner

Owning a freecoat nails is an exciting journey. Though each day will vary from one to the next, there are a few things you can expect as a nail franchise owner. When your salon first opens, you will most likely need to be there every day to make sure things are running smoothly and your team feels supported. The first few weeks and months are a crucial period for your business. You’ll not only be building a strong team, but you’ll be introducing yourself to your community and showing them what you’re all about.

Even if you’ve never worked in the nail or beauty industry before, your skills will serve you well! As the leader, you’ll network with local businesses, coach and develop your team, and be empowered to make smart decisions for your growing business.

Once your business has been open for a considerable amount of time and you have a strong team in place, you won’t need to be there every day, yet you’ll still be working on growing your business.

Some regular tasks you can expect to handle include the following:

  • Recruitment

  • Local store marketing

  • Optimizing schedules

One of your primary tasks as a nail salon franchise owner will be to obsess over every client in your studio and make sure they have an exceptional experience. When new clients enter your salon, they provide an exciting opportunity for you and your team to show them what clean beauty is all about and why going non-toxic doesn’t have to compromise quality.

An exciting aspect of being a freecoat nails Franchise Partner is that no day will ever be exactly the same as the last. You’ll have the flexibility to make your own schedule, build your own team, and steer your own success.

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