Frequently Asked Questions

Answers About Our Nail Salon Franchise

Taking that first step toward investing in a business is a big decision. At freecoat nails, we understand that you want to have as much information about our opportunity as possible to make the most confident decision. Many prospective partners have many of the same questions, so we’ve compiled those, along with our answers, below. Read through our FAQ section to learn more about our nail salon franchise and then reach out to us if you have lingering questions or concerns.

  • Q:How much is the initial investment to open a freecoat nails studio?

    A:The initial investment ranges between $221,500 - $512,500*. Our franchise fee is $49,500, which is included in the total initial investment. For more information, we invite you to review our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document. (*see our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document)

  • Q:What type of support does freecoat nails offer Franchise Partners?

    A:Our home office team is made up of experts in all areas of our business, including operations, marketing, development, and finance. We work hand in hand with you from site selection to building your grand opening marketing plan. You’ll receive best practices on ways to build and develop your team, guidance on our services and memberships, and software training. Once your business is open, you’ll receive ongoing guidance and training to help you grow your business for years to come.

  • Q:What type of training will I receive?

    A:As you prepare to open your freecoat nails, you’ll receive a combination of ongoing calls and training to prepare you for the successful operation of your business. We offer a multi-day training program, called freecoat university, which will train you on operations, local marketing, team development, financials, software, and leadership. Once your studio is open, we offer ongoing training and regular support.

  • Q:Does freecoat help with obtaining funding?

    A:Yes! We work with several 3rd party financing companies that can help with funding your freecoat studio. We are happy to make a direct referral to make sure you move forward with ease.

  • Q:How many employees does a typical freecoat nails studio have?

    A:freecoat studios generally follow a simple staffing model. Each store has one General Manager, one Assistant Manager and/or Front Desk Associate, and 8 to 12 Service Providers. Service Providers consist of Nail Technicians and/or Cosmetologists depending on your local guidelines.

  • Q:How do freecoat’s prices compare to the competitors?

    A:freecoat’s prices are typically within a few dollars of traditional nail salons, yet significantly more affordable than day spa pricing. Here’s why: We provide our nail artists with a generous wage, proper breaks, and paid vacation, and promote a healthy work-life balance. We invest in one-time-use buffers and files and hospital-grade sterilization/cleaning equipment. We use high-quality, non-toxic products in our services. While these cost significantly more, we believe they are well worth it to provide our customers and staff with a clean beauty experience.

  • Q:Do you offer multi-unit agreements?

    A:Absolutely! We would love to share with you our growth markets across the nation. Let’s chat soon.

  • Q:What services are offered at a freecoat nails studio?

    A:We offer a variety of services in the non-toxic beauty industry. In addition to nail services, we also offer infrared saunas, waxing, eyebrow tinting, retail boutiques, and more. Our membership program allows clients to experience the best of the services offered at your studio.

  • Q:What’s included with my franchise fee?

    A:The one-time franchise fee is your one-way ticket to the freecoat brand. You gain access to our proprietary materials, unique business model, brand marketing resources, comprehensive training, and so much more.