Extension Coat manicure

The Advantages of Getting An Extension Coat Manicure

Acrylic or SNS nails may look great when you first get them, yet, these manicures can be very damaging to your natural nail and are often filled with harsh chemicals. For many years, these seemed like the only long-lasting manicure options available at nail salons. However, alternative manicures, such as our Extension Coat Manicure, are becoming more desirable at nail salon franchises. These manicures that feature non-toxic products are healthier for your nails but still look gorgeous and are long-lasting.

What Is The Extension Coat Manicure?

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to acrylics or SNS, consider getting our Extension Coat Mani. These clean beauty manicures are crafted from a durable polymer that lasts just as long as traditional acrylic nails. This manicure uses gel-based extensions to give length to the nails without compromising nail health. This manicure style features full-coverage tips very similar to acrylic nails, however, they do not contain the harmful and dangerous toxins and chemicals that can be commonly found in traditional acrylic nails. These manicures can come in a variety of styles and lengths, so you are sure to leave with the perfect manicure that suits your personal preferences. For example, these manicures are pre-shaped into all of the classic styles such as oval, almond, square, stiletto and coffin. With a variety of customization options available, the Extension Coat Manicure provides the ultimate comfort and style for your nails. And the best part is that these manicures are completely non-toxic so you can feel beautiful and confident while rocking a stunning look.

How Are Acrylic Nails Harmful To You?

If you are an avid clean beauty consumer or get your nails done frequently, this may not be the first time you are hearing about the dangers of acrylic nails. Acrylic and SNS manicures are some of the most popular within the beauty industry due to their customizability, however, the harmful chemicals that are present in these manicures such as resins and formaldehyde can be detrimental to your health. Acrylic nails are extremely damaging to your natural nail bed and can lead to brittleness and breaking. These manicures are also known to inhibit natural nail growth and can even lead to bacterial or fungal infections. Furthermore, acrylic nails can be extremely time consuming. When requesting different shapes, oftentimes the tips must be individually filed down while freecoat’s are pre-shaped which optimizes your time and increases efficiency.

How Can You Bring This To Your Community?

Are you looking to start a nail salon business that focuses on clean beauty and non-toxic nail designs? If you want to own a nail salon franchise that prioritizes safe manicures, freecoat non-toxic nails + beauty may be the perfect choice for you. As more people look for safe and natural beauty alternatives, the demand for freecoat nails only increases. So if you value healthy nails, start a clean beauty business with freecoat and share all the benefits of our Extension Coat Manicure.