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Become Your Own Boss by Partnering with a Beauty Franchise

Do you feel miserable heading to your office every morning? Do you dislike the people at work? If yes, consider these a few signs of job dissatisfaction. In its newly published State of the Global Workplace: 2022 survey, Gallup discovered that in addition to dissatisfaction, employees are also reporting shockingly high rates of disengagement and unhappiness. Sixty percent of respondents said they were emotionally aloof at work, and 19 percent said they were dissatisfied. Only 33% of respondents said they felt engaged, significantly lower than in 2020.

Particularly in the US, 50% of employees claimed to experience daily stress at work, along with 41% worry, 22% sadness, and 18% anger. What do these statistics indicate? You should not go into the new year feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with your current job. Be it the poor environment or the inadequate income, if the job doesn't satisfy you, you should leave it. What's the alternative then, you might wonder.

Well, have you ever considered a career as an entrepreneur in the franchise system? Purchasing a franchise has many advantages. Opening a franchise allows you to operate your own company while employing a well-known brand and business strategy. The new year is a great time to refocus on creating financial freedom by leaving your miserable job and becoming an entrepreneur in the franchise system.

And what is better than investing in a beauty franchise? Start a beauty business today. Since the global market for this industry is considered worth a whopping $511 billion, it continues to prosper even in challenging economic times. freecoat nails is an excellent idea if you are looking to franchise in the beauty industry. We’re a company that has adopted the non-toxic, health, and wellness trend.

freecoat nails offers a ‘6-free or better promise’, which excludes six of the most dangerous chemicals found in nail polishes, although many salons do not provide a genuinely non-toxic choice. Our salons also include medical-grade air filtration systems, vented manicure tables, and jet-free pedicure tubs since jets can harbor bacteria and fungus if not cleaned properly and regularly. We also give every customer a brand-new, disposable manicure kit to take home.

Here are a few more reasons to become a beauty franchise partner at freecoat nails: from moisturizer to cuticle oil to nail paint, every product used in the salon is harmless. We strive to make every service as clean as possible. Our carefully-curated retail selection offers a range of non-toxic candles and clean beauty products from local suppliers, including our own distinctive organic sugar scrub and nail polish line. We incorporate artwork, clothing, and accessories from regional vendors to give each studio a sense of originality.

Welcome the new year by taking a leap of faith and joining the million-dollar beauty industry.
Become an entrepreneur and start a nail salon franchise today!