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Becoming A Franchise Partner For freecoat nails

Are you looking to start a beauty franchise that specializes in wellness and beauty? Dipping your toes into the world of franchising can seem overwhelming at times. Finding a beauty business that values their partners and guests while maintaining high business standards is critical. Those that wish to own a nail salon franchise should look no further than freecoat nails. Our wellness franchise is a wonderful beauty business that specializes in non-toxic nail services while promoting a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Our women-owned franchise focuses on creating unique and positive nail salon experiences for anyone interested. If you want to start a wellness franchise, keep reading to learn about the unique aspects of freecoat franchises that set us apart from other beauty and nail businesses.

Upscale And Style-Savvy Interior Design

When you decide to start a beauty business and partner with freecoat nails in opening a new franchise, we help you create a nail salon interior that channels aesthetic and upscale design elements. This attention and dedication to creating comfortable salons with updated design features ensure that both salon professionals and clients feel relaxed and pampered. The best part? You get to play a huge part in designing your own studio. From selecting your wallpaper to choosing the color of your chairs, you get to put your own spin on every corner of your location.

The Use Of Non-Toxic Nail Products

freecoat nails is known for its use of non-toxic nail products and polishes within its salons. Our nail salon franchise cares about the quality of the products used within our studios and you can rest assured that safe and effective nail products will be utilized within each salon franchise. These products help to create beautiful-looking nails without the harsh chemicals that are often found in other nail products.

Medical-Grade Ventilation Systems

We take pride in the medical-grade ventilation systems that are installed within every location. These extremely efficient systems help eliminate any fumes that are present during the application or removal process. Traditional nail salons often struggle to manage the odor of nail polish services and the harsh scents can impact the appointments of salon professionals and clients.

Complimentary Glass of Rose With Every Manicure/Pedicure

Our freecoat nail and beauty studios also offer a free glass of rosé with every manicure or pedicure service. This additional action can help clients feel relaxed and valued throughout their entire appointment at a freecoat nails franchise. These small details greatly impact guest satisfaction and loyalty to specific salon locations.

Jet-Free Pedicure Bowls

In addition to high standards of cleanliness within franchise locations, our freecoat locations also utilize jetfree pedicure bowls. Traditional nail salons typically use jet pedicure bowls during pedicure services; however, these bowls are often bacteria hot spots within salons. To maintain our high standards and take care of all guests, freecoat only uses the best jet-free pedicure bowls.

Locally Sourced Retail Sections In Each Location

To promote local businesses and offer a selection of natural wellness products, each freecoat nails franchise location features a small-scale, locally sourced retail section. This portion of the salon space prioritizes the sale of local products and offers clients access to non-toxic freecoat products such as our Organic Sugar Scrub and personal polish line.