freecoat: A Highkey Amazing Way to Enter the Clean Beauty Game

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freecoat knows the ins and outs of the clean beauty market, which pretty much makes us the leaders in the industry (hair toss). We know everything about opening a non-toxic beauty bar, and if you’re opening a freecoat, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Working side by side and supporting our franchise partners is what keeps our heart beating, because we’re more than a franchise—we’re the freecoat fam, and we’re the best way to enter the clean beauty game.

Our upscale + clean beauty studios have been gracing the earth since 2017 in the iconic Charleston, SC, but it’s time to expand and we want you to help us make it happen. We make it easy to transition your love of clean beauty into opening a beauty bar, and if you’re obsessed with clean products like we are, you’re already halfway there.

Clean Beauty is a Mood

Clean beauty is a whole mood, and just in case it isn’t your whole mood already, let us tell you why. It embraces better skin care with an awareness of safe, non-toxic, and transparent ingredients. These products are created without toxic ingredients, are not harmful to skin, and are usually derived from plants. The products are often vegan + cruelty-free that emphasize on being eco-friendly and sustainably sourced. It’s a win-win, right?

The clean beauty trend continues to grow at a fierce rate, thanks to an increase in demand for clean beauty products and a surge of more sophisticated products. Because of this insane growth, the global clean beauty market revenue is expected to reach $11.6M in 2027, up from $5.4M in 2020 (Source: Brand Essence Research).

Our Clean Beauty Will Make You Want to Dance

freecoat studios only use high-end, non-toxic, 6-free or better products free from many of the chemicals found in traditional polishes. Our other toxin-free products include our European 10-free gel coat, our made in-house organic sugar scrub (complimentary with any full service), nail art, organic eco-paraffin alternative, Epsom salt detox, essential oils, and more.

We’re always expanding our offerings, and most recently launched our membership program. Soon we’ll be adding locally made products and infrared saunas (at select locations) to our studios.

You In?

The most appealing feature of owning a franchise is becoming your own boss. You’ve probably worked for countless companies over the years without much say over your future. When you’re your own boss, you are in control and able to execute your ideas and business plans the way you see fit. Opening a beauty bar creates a sense of pride and creativity as you run the business your way.

If you don’t know anything about business or franchising, don’t worry, babe. Our process is simple, and we know how to open a beauty bar business inside and out. We’ve turned it into a truly comprehensive program called freecoat university. At freecoat university, our team of experts are there to go above and beyond for you and your studio. We’ll hook you up with marketing, training, operations, finance, and accounting support.

We also help with site selection, LOI, and lease negotiations. If you need financing, we work with several third-party financing companies that can help with funding, as well.

Let’s build your freecoat studio and grow our brand together.


Now that you know a bit about freecoat, you can hit us up today to learn even more about how to open a beauty bar franchise.