Invest in YOU by Opening a Beauty Bar Franchise with freecoat

customers getting nails done

It’s time to ditch the office job and be your own boss. You’re probably thinking, “But where do I start?” and “What if I don’t have the experience?” Opening a beauty bar franchise with freecoat is a great way to go into business for yourself, and we’ve got the hookup for removing a lot of the guesswork that comes along with opening a business. Ready to start living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted?

Founded in Charleston, SC as the first non-toxic nail + beauty bar, we’re proud to be your local go-to upscale beauty salon with fresh skincare products and services. We use high-end, toxin-free products, and we never offer fake nails/acrylics (which contribute to bad fumes). If you’re passionate about non-toxic beauty + clean living products, you’re already halfway there to opening a beauty bar franchise of your own!


Our studios feature retail boutiques: the clean beauty product junkie’s ultimate dream. We offer skincare products, our signature made in-house organic sugar scrub, our signature soy-based candle, local goodies + more!

If you’re into non-toxic polishes like we are, you’ll know that avoiding chemicals is a good idea, as many of the ingredients in traditional polish are harmful to the body (Source: Harvard Health Publishing). We only carry polishes that are 6-free or better, which means no petrochemicals, parabens, DPB, TPHP, toluene, camphor, xylene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, or animal products. We also offer a European 10-free gel coat + some pretty bomb nail art.


The goodness doesn’t stop at nails! We’ve got some sweet services our guests will appreciate if they’re a fan of toxin-free beauty.

Our organic eco-paraffin alternative is an add-on for our mani services and will leave hands soft and moisturized.

You know we have essential oils (how could you not in fresh beauty?). We feature the heavenly scents of lavender, mint, and sweet orange to help guests relax and clear away tension.

Organic luxury Epsom salt: the OG for removing toxins and impurities from tired or sore feet.

The wax and tint we use is *chef’s kiss* the best.

We get guests glowing in no time with Celluma® LED light therapy (available only in select locations). Low-level light therapy is safe, effective, convenient, and noninvasive. Originally developed by NASA for returning astronauts, this therapy device has three different treatment modes to address: wrinkles and fine lines, acne, and pain management.

We saved the best for last . . . as a gift of gratitude to our valued guests, you get to use our FREE made-in-house organic sugar scrub with every service!

coming soon!
We can’t wait to add on to our collection as we’ve got big plans in the works. Check out what’s coming soon! (Obv. these will vary by location).

  • We’re adding infrared saunas.
  • We’re adding memberships.
  • We’re adding more products to our retail boutiques catered to each location, like sugar scrubs and candles.

we’ll be there for you

As a franchise owner, you’ll have our support 110 percent. Our team of experts knows everything about how to open a non-toxic beauty bar, and we promise to go above and beyond to support you. At freecoat university, we’ll work closely with you to help open and grow your beauty bar franchise business through site selection, third-party financing, marketing, training, operations, finance, and accounting support + ongoing support for the entirety of your business.

You + freecoat nails = healthy beauty for all.

Now that you have learned more about opening a freecoat nails beauty bar franchise, hit us up today to learn more!