Can I Get a Glass of Rosé?!

woman choosing nail polish

The GPS said we were fifteen minutes away from freecoat nails, and after driving five hours to get to Charleston, SC, and running on five hours of sleep, my feet were basically pulling me to the studio. We wanted to start our first day in Charleston off right, and we already knew what that entailed, so we booked an appointment at freecoat nails a few days in advance, and my man didn’t even put up a fight about getting a pedi with me. Can I say score?! Yeah, that’s why I married him (hair toss). We pulled into a parking lot graced with palm trees and my eyes traced the buildings until they found the cute, white and pink sign hanging over the entrance to the safe haven for my worn out feet.

Can I get a glass of rosé, please?

“Heyy, welcome to freecoat!” filled the airy space as we walked in. I somehow still felt like I was outside as I was surrounded by beautiful natural lighting, white tones, gentle pink, and green leafy walls, and it was magical. As we were waiting, I found myself sitting in their swinging chairs, smelling their delicious handmade candles, and trying on sunglasses, which I bought, duh. They’re adorable and I wish I bought two different pairs, which is the total opposite of buyer’s remorse, but what are vacays for, am I right? After ooing over their adorable goodies, I was ready to dip my feet in some hot water. The chic wooden lounge chairs for the pedicures are covered by a cushion that hugs your body, and everywhere you look has a touch of simplicity that makes the space feel like your own. The freecoat babes definitely made this space a place for you to come and be recharged, cared for, and to be seen, and I was loving every second of it.

woman looking at products

“Can I get you anything? Water, rosé?”

“Oooo, can I get rosé, please!?” My cheeks felt my smile. It was the perfect summer day for some rosé and I was ready to give my guy a rosé kiss. “I’ll take rosé, too, please,” made its way out of my fiancé’s childlike grin and I think he was more excited than I was for him to be there with me. I mean, let’s be real, all men need to show their feet some love, especially when they try to be funny and put their feet on you, aka, not funny, but at least they won’t be gross.

I’m here for it all

The chairs were calling our names and my feet were so ready to be soaking in hot water in their sleek porcelain white bowls. I looked to my right and my babe was sitting right beside me ready for his Man Coat Pedi, and the smile on his face said it all. The Studio Manager came around the corner carrying two glasses of rosé, and as I took my first sip and put my feet in the water, I felt like a bonafide babe and I didn’t want to ever feel like anything else. I got the Extra Coat Pedi, which comes with all the things, including a warm coconut treatment mask, which is an alternative to paraffin used in other salons (thank you, freecoat), housemade organic sugar scrub, a hot towel, and an insanely relaxing 10 minute massage, and it is an entire mood. I, 10 out of 10, recommend literally all of it. Before we were done, I looked over at my guy holding his glass of rosé and he said, “this is the cutest nail salon I’ve ever been to,” as a smile cracked from each side of his lips. Even though our tummies hurt from laughing, he was so right.

man holding glass of champagne

Pick your color

There’s an entire wall of over 300 colors for you to choose from and there isn’t a shortage of cute to pick from. I was feeling fiery and like a boss babe, so I went with a bright red and that attitude hasn’t left me yet. My amazing nail tech, Alex, did one heck of a job on my toes and she helped keep me from kicking her in the face thanks to my ticklish feet (haha!). We laughed the entire appointment and Alex basically became my bff. Nail techs quickly become your bffs, and the babes at freecoat are no exception. After we were done, the Studio Manager gave us an entire list of places to eat at in Charleston and it did not disappoint.

Pick your people + pick freecoat

woman picking her freecoat

I was so excited to try freecoat because I knew what they represented. They represent non-toxic beauty, which won’t leave my body soaking up harmful toxins after going to “treat myself.” If we’re really trying to treat ourselves, then we need to be worried about the things we’re treating ourselves with. It’s not so much about the time we dedicate to ourselves, but more so about what is filling up that time and what products are being used during it. freecoat uses non-toxic products, organic when possible, and some of the best brands of toxin free nail polish. They believe in leaving out toxins, but they don’t leave out self-care, self-love, and beauty, which makes me love them all the more. Beauty looks different for everyone, but when you walk into freecoat, you can feel the genuine love for their products, their message, and their love for their guests, aka freecoat babes, and I’m 100% here for all of it.