Meet Our First Franchise Partners!

Mikayla and Gaige Keep

freecoat is coming to Cornelius, North Carolina! We are so excited to welcome our very first franchise partners, Mikayla and Gaige Keep, to the freecoat family. We sat down with the Keep’s and asked a few questions so y’all can get to know them and have a better understanding of their passion for clean + non-toxic living.

Tell Us a Little About Yourselves, Where You Grew Up, and What Led You to Where You Are Today!

I [Mikayla] was born and raised in Charlotte. This has always been my home. I went to school in Davidson and spent all of my childhood in the Lake Norman Area. Gaige was born in California and moved around all of his life due to his step dad being in the military. Gaige and I met in 2015 and got married in Oct 2017! Gaige served in the Marine Corps for 4 years and got out in spring of 2018. Coming out of the military, we were broke and living in my mom’s basement. Gaige was working as a juicerista at Clean Juice and I worked as Landon [Eckles’] assistant at Clean Juice Headquarters! We knew we wanted to find a way to be financially free and work for ourselves. That’s when Gaige got into Social Media Marketing. He has now grown his company to a 6 figure brand and works for over 10 verified Instagram accounts. I found my passion in fashion, lifestyle and healthy living and I now share that on my Instagram page.

What Makes You Passionate About Freecoat and the Health & Wellness Space?

We are very, very strong believers in “HEALTHY IN BODY STRONG IN SPIRIT”- Thankfully, my [Mikayla’s] mom taught me the importance of healthy and toxin-free living at a young age. We have always been so passionate about eliminating as many toxins as we can, and for me, especially in beauty. It’s close to impossible to find places that offer true toxin-free products, clean environment and powerful core values. When we heard about freecoat and everything they are about, we knew we had to bring this to our community. SO many people just don’t know the damage that toxins can cause. We want our town to know the importance of what we stand for. This isn’t some trendy fad; this is essential and needs to be the new norm. We won’t be for everyone just yet, and that’s ok! But we will be for many and I’m so excited to serve them and future clients our excellence. Our goal is for people to walk into those front doors and feel at peace that they are doing their body and health good. When I was first telling my friends and family about our freecoat journey, I was telling my close friend and her mom. Her mom has cancer and is not allowed to be in environments with dangerous toxins and chemicals. She was so overjoyed and said “OMG. I have missed getting my nails done. I can’t wait to be able to finally go, relax and know that I’m in a safe environment.”

Who Inspires You?

Kat and Landon [Eckles] inspire us so much. We are blessed to call them family and are thankful for their wisdom, guidance and leadership. They are incredible humans who care so deeply about the well-being of others. Their passion for bringing health and wellness to the world is so evident in everything they do. We have watched it with Clean Juice and were so so so beyond blessed to be apart of this next life-changing brand. The best is yet to come!

Welcome to Cornelius, freecoat!!!

Founded in Charleston, SC in 2017 as the nation’s first non-toxic nail + beauty franchise system. freecoat nails is proud to be your local go-to upscale beauty salon with non-toxic skincare products and services. Each location is equipped with hospital grade ventilation systems, to evacuate fumes and circulate clean air. We use high-end, non-toxic products and never offer fake nails/acrylics, which contribute to bad fumes.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own non-toxic beauty bar, reach out to us!