We Are Growing!

Greg and Keri Dellers, Michelle and Jay Benoit

We could not be more excited to welcome our SECOND franchise owners, Michelle & Jay Benoit and Keri & Greg Dellers, to the freecoat family! We can’t wait to begin this journey in Concord, North Carolina with these two special couples. We asked a few questions to learn more about them, and their passion for healthy and clean living is so apparent, we just had to share!

What Makes You Passionate About freecoat and the Health & Wellness Space?

"As soon as I heard about this idea, I was hooked! Working in the field of women’s health for over 10 years now, I understand the impact of toxins on women; toxins negatively impact our hormones which in turn results in us generally feeling unwell. I’ve heard from countless women about their pain, brain fog, GI issues, and so much more. As we continue to learn more about what affects our bodies, we are learning everyday about the chemicals and toxins in our environment and their negative effects. One area that is especially problematic for women is in our beauty and personal care products. The US government doesn’t regulate the chemicals used in these industries so there’s no telling really what exactly you’re putting on your body; and what you put on your body, ends up in your body. So, when I heard about a non-toxic nailbar, complete with a medical grade air filtration system I was really excited! This allows women to still enjoy the pampering of getting our nails done without the negative health consequences related to it!"– Michelle Benoit

"I was excited about freecoat as my motivation comes from my desire to live a vibrant and healthy life; I want to be an inspiration to anyone who wants to live a better and healthier lifestyle. I am passionate about Health & Wellness and believe we can all live a better life by embracing health as our most valuable asset. Freecoat is another way to bring a healthier and better option to individuals that are seeking ways to continually improve their health and make the best possible choices to improving their wellness. Being able to bring an innovative business to the community to help them see there are companies and individuals that are dedicated to help them improve their lifestyle is something we seek to deliver." – Jay Benoit

"Our world is full of toxins, everywhere you turn whether it’s in your food, makeup, nail polish and even the air we breath. This has led to poor health and just unhealthy lifestyles for so many. I am passionate about making a difference in my life as well as others. People need a place where they can go to pamper themselves, socialize, and just get away from the craziness of life without ingesting more toxins into their body. Enter freecoat!!!! Saving humanity and the environment one franchise at a time." – Keri Dellers

Why Are You Excited to Bring freecoat to Your Community?

"What I love the most about being able to bring this concept to our community is being able to offer a fun, pampering service to local women, moms, daughters, friends that will also support their health, not hinder it. I think back to being pregnant and the few times I did get my nails done and I remember questioning if it was a safe thing to do given the fumes I was breathing in for an hour. And now, pregnant women, moms of young girls, women undergoing treatment for autoimmune issues or even cancer, can feel good knowing that when they come to freecoat, they don’t have to be concerned about the toxins they’re exposing themselves to. It’s really exciting!" – Michelle Benoit

What Makes You Excited About the Future of freecoat?

"What excites me the most about freecoat and really just about what I’m seeing in the general public right now is a shifting of awareness about what impacts health and the shift of people making decisions about what they’re going to eat, what activities they’re going to partake in, all based on how they can best support their health. We’re coming out of a dark time of rising chronic health issues and I see the shifting of the tides up ahead. Where we start figuring out how to do all of the things we’ve come to enjoy, but we do them in a new, innovative manner that supports our health, not degrades it. AND – freecoat is going to be a light space where mother-daughter afternoons can be spent, where girlfriends can gather to relax, reset, and laugh together; it’s going to be fun and I cannot wait! "– Michelle Benoit

"In my experience, individuals typically think about exercise and nutrition on ways to improve their health but there are many other factors and exposures that can have a direct impact on your health and wellbeing. This is one of things that is not top of mind for people that they can now take advantage of to take further steps to better options on how they improve their lives." – Jay Benoit

"Look at the success of Clean Juice! People are recognizing the need for change, more and more they are realizing our diets and lifestyles are toxic. When people first set out to make positive changes, they ultimately look to change their food and exercise however they don’t realize the negative implications of other things in their lives such as something that should be joyful like getting their nails done. I haven’t gotten my nails done in years because I know how toxic it is and the fumes make me sick. I am so excited to be part of a brand that is putting health first, all of the pampering that comes with it is just a bonus! More and more people are now realizing that change has to happen and freecoat is a leader in this industry and I’m so excited to be part of it!" – Keri Dellers

"I am excited to be able to be in on the ground floor of this business concept in the community and give this option to those trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle. More and more people are starting to look for ways to improve their health and wellness as well as just being more aware of what things impact their overall health. I see freecoat as a way to set new and healthy trends for this industry and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it!" – Greg Dellers

Founded in Charleston, SC in 2017 as the nation’s first non-toxic nail + beauty franchise system. freecoat nails is proud to be your local go-to upscale beauty salon with non-toxic skincare products and services. Each location is equipped with hospital grade ventilation systems, to evacuate fumes and circulate clean air. We use high-end, non-toxic products and never offer fake nails/acrylics, which contribute to bad fumes.

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