Non-toxic is the new normal for beauty bars: Told by one of our Franchise Partners

Michelle Benoit

Have you ever wondered what the extremely overbearing toxic smell is in nail salons? What about the tools used on you for your once-a-month mani; are they sterilized? Ever wonder why many nail techs wore face masks pre-covid? Yeah, we’ll tell you why. Better yet, why don’t we have one of our Franchise Partners, Michelle Benoit, tell you the truth behind the harmful toxins and chemicals used in many traditional salons and why we should steer clear of them. Michelle has worked in healthcare for over 15 years and is currently a physical therapist who has spent the last nine years working in the realm of pelvic health and oncology.

Listen in to our #coatedcoffeetalk as Michelle shares her insight behind living a clean and non-toxic lifestyle. With the knowledge she has gained throughout the years, it is no surprise why she and her husband see the need for a freecoat in their community in Concord, NC.